One Legaspi Park

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One Legaspi Park

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Rada Street , Makati City
Turnover Date: RFO
Floor Area: 38 sqm - 120 sqm
Price Range: Php 7 M - Php 25 M


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One Legaspi Park By Ayala Land

One Legaspi Park is a creation of Ayala Land and is crafted for the comfort and convenience of the residents. It is a forty-five storied high-risen residential condominium located in a strategic location of Legazpi Village. It offers a number of different kinds of residential units for the comfortable living of the occupants. The various featured residential units include one-bedroom units, two-bedroom units, and three bedroom units that perfectly fits the desires and demands of individuals looking out for an enhanced urban living.

The developers have created this brilliant creation keeping the leisure, luxury, and relaxation of its people in mind. The various amenities, features, and facilities incorporated in One Legaspi Park have been finalized keeping the priority of all the varying age groups including kids, adults etc. in mind. The residents occupied and list of amenities include a number of brilliant offerings which keeps the residents busy for the entire day. These offerings also allow the residents to know their neighbors and establish a good social circle.

A large swimming pool is featured in One Legaspi Park where the residents can spend some relaxation time with their family and friends or just by themselves. This offering further enhances the luxurious lifestyle of the residents of One Legaspi Park. Especially the summer days are quite sorted with a swimming pool being present well within the property. One needn't visit any club or resort to enjoy the summer days and nights.

The property features a well-equipped gymnasium within the premises such that the residents can regularly work out without even stepping out of their residential property. This allows the residents to keep fit without even having any time constraints. In fact, one doesn't require to spend any traveling time in order to visit an outwardly located gym.

A social hall is present in the premises of One Legaspi Park where the residents can host or arrange for social gatherings like parties, events, and meetings. This allows the residents to save a lot of time which would otherwise be invested in hunting a perfect location to host an event. There is a daycare center featured in One Legaspi Park where the working individuals can have their babies taken care of. This provision is a blessing for the working residents of the property.

One Legaspi Park also features parking space for the convenience of the residents and their visitors. Therefore, no hassles would ever be faced in order to manage the regular parking of your vehicle. There is a decently sized playing ground featured in One Legaspi Park where the kids can spend quality time on a regular basis.

If visiting the renowned Makati Business District is part of your job then owning a unit in One Legaspi Park can prove to be highly convenient. The property sits close to Makati Business District along with various other essential establishments including schools, colleges, universities, amusement centers, hospitals, commercial centers, restaurants, fast food centers, marketplaces, supermarkets, retail outlets etc. Some of the many such closely located essentials include Swagat, Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Makati Sports Club, Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Ateneo de Manila Graduate School, Bizu Kitchen Studio, Greenbelt Mall, Stockton Place, Informatics, Yamazaki, The Peninsula Manila Hotel, Greenbelt 1, Glorietta Mall, Aventus, Kitchen 1B, La Grotta Cucina Italiana, Microcadd Institute Makati, The Philippine Stock Exchange, Rustans Supermarket, Ayala Museum, Cyotto Stop, Greenbelt 2, Salcedo Park and many others.

The various featured units of One Legaspi Park are crafted to perfection and are ready to be moved in with all the fittings and fixtures perfectly executed. The walls and the ceiling are perfectly painted and the flooring is neatly constructed. The units feature all the various utility rooms including spacious bedrooms, a well-designed kitchen, a roomy living space, a dining space, and toilets and baths. The units feature a 24x7 supply of clean water from Manila Waters, electricity supply from Meralco, Landline connection from PLDT, and cable connectivity from Skycable. The units are well ventilated and allow enough sunlight and air to pass through.

One Legaspi Park also offers parking provision for vehicles of the residents and their guests. This makes it easy for the occupants to park their two-wheelers and four-wheelers without any involved hassles. There are a lot of incorporated open spaces in One Legaspi Park which makes the property not just pleasant to look at but also a pollution free one as these open spaces features lush greenery all around.

Ayala Land Premier, the renowned developers of One Legaspi Park have taken care of the proper management of the property and its various offerings such that a downfall in quality of the services is never to be experienced. An efficient management team of learned professionals is available to take care of the various features and amenities of One Legaspi Park. Therefore, you can be sure of enjoying the best quality services all throughout.

All in all, One Legaspi Park is one such brilliant investment that is worthy of all your invested savings. If you are looking for an ideal residential establishment for the well-being of your family then this property is one of the ideal most choices that would not even be harsh on your pocket.

Ayala Land One Legaspi Park in Makati City, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase One Legaspi Park, then check here first. We have full details of One Legaspi Park updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

One Legaspi Park - Location & Vicinity

One Legaspi Park sits in a perfect location where the residents stay amidst all the basic necessities of life. While investing in this brilliant residential property you get to avail all the various services and commodities in just a few minutes duration. Owning such a strategic location makes the property an investment worthy of your hard earned savings. You can expect two or more fold returns while investing in One Legaspi Park in the future years.

One Legaspi Park keeps the residents close to a number of important establishments and outlets like schools, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, universities, amusement centers, commercial centers, etc. This keeps the residents in a convenient location where they do not require spending ample of time in traveling. Almost all the basics required for leading a peaceful life is available at an arms distance.

The various restaurants located close to One Legaspi Park allow the residents to anytime move out to dining out plans with their near and dear ones. Not much of traveling needs to be invested for the same. There are various eateries located just at a mild walking distance from One Legaspi Park. Therefore, all your instant plans can be executed without any difficulties. Some of the many such options include Swagat located at a distance of 0.04 km, Bizu Kitchen Studio located at a distance of 0.18 km, Stockton Place located at a distance of 0.23 km, Kitchen 1B located at a distance of 0.17 km, and La Grotta Cucina Italiana located at a distance of 0.19 km.

Having a number of educational establishments in the close vicinity allow the kids and teens of the property to avail academic education without any hassles. They do not require traveling to distant places every day to attend schools and colleges. The saved time can be invested elsewhere in other extracurricular activities leading to amazing results. Some of the many such options include Microcadd Institute Makati located at a distance of 0.31 km and Informatics located at a distance of 0.43 km.

There are a number of shopping outlets located close to One Legaspi Park where the residents can head for their regular shopping sessions. You can shop for all your groceries and other essential commodities within just a time span of a few minutes. Some of the many such shopping outlets include Rustans Supermarket located at a distance of 0.35 km, Cyotto Stop located at a distance of 0.39 km, Greenbelt 2 located at a distance of 0.46 km, Yamazaki located at a distance of 0.38 km, and Greenbelt 1 located at a distance of 0.39 km.

One should always reside in a location where there are options to meet medical emergencies at the earliest. One Legaspi Park is one such residential property that sits close to hospitals and clinics. One can quickly reach these healthcare centers whenever any medical emergency arise. One such well-equipped hospital is Aventus located at a distance of 0.45 km.

Additionally, while dwelling at One Legaspi Park the residents never face any trouble to commute to distantly situated places and locations as the property is well connected to important roadways where you can find a number of means of transportation 24 x 7.

Restaurants :

  • Swagat - 0.04 km
  • Kitchen 1B - 0.17 km
  • Bizu Kitchen Studio - 0.18 km
  • La Grotta Cucina Italiana - 0.19 km
  • Stockton Place - 0.23 km

Supermarkets :

  • Rustans Supermarket - 0.35 km
  • Yamazaki - 0.38 km
  • Cyotto Stop - 0.39 km
  • Greenbelt 1 - 0.39 km
  • Greenbelt 2 - 0.46 km

Schools :

  • Microcadd Institute Makati - 0.31 km
  • Informatics - 0.43 km

Hospitals :

  • Aventus - 0.45 km
One Legaspi Park Location

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Living Area

Living Area

Living Area

Living Area

Living Area

Living Area



Living & Dining Area

Living & Dining Area



Play Area

Play Area

Fitness Gym

Fitness Gym

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

One Legaspi Park - Features & Amenities

One Legaspi Park is a place full of amenities and features which keeps the residents occupied and entertained all throughout. The developers have incorporated amenities keeping in mind all the several age groups of the property. There are offerings available for kids, elders, teens, and everyone. These amenities are designed in such a way that the residents can relax and leisurely spend time as per requirement and desire.

There is a large-sized swimming pool featured in One Legaspi Park. The residents can spend some quality time at the pool with friends and family or just by themselves. The summer months are further eased out as one can anytime take a dip in the featured pool as per choice. There is a daycare center in One Legaspi Park which works as a blessing for all the working parents. They can leave their kids at this daycare center to be taken care of while they are off to work. Therefore, if you're a working individual and are looking for a residence featuring a daycare center then your search ends here. You can easily invest in One Legaspi Park and enjoy the offered services.

The residents of One Legaspi Park get an opportunity to conveniently park their vehicle at One Legaspi Park in the parking garage that it conveniently accommodates. There is a playing area featured in One Legaspi Park where the kids of the property can spend quality time with their friends playing their favorite games. Having a playing area situated within the residing community allows the parents and guardians to keep a close check on their kids as well.

One Legaspi Park also features a well-equipped gym where the residents can easily have their regular workout sessions. This gymnasium accommodates all the top-notch equipment that one would love to put to use. Therefore, if you're a fitness freak and are looking out for a residence featuring a well-equipped gymnasium then One Legaspi Park is the ideal most pick for you. There is also a social hall accommodated in One Legaspi Park which further adds on to the convenience of the property and its residents. The residents can host parties, events, meetings, and social gatherings in this social hall with many conveniences.

There is also a management team posted on the property who maintain the various offerings and make sure that top-notch quality of services is provided to the residents. This team also makes sure that none of the amenities and facilities face a downfall in quality and the residents get to experience nothing less than the best.

  • 24-hour Security
  • Day Care
  • Gym
  • Function Rooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Playground

One Legaspi Park - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio ₱ 7,000,000 38 Sqm
1 Bedroom ₱ 12,000,000 72 sqm
2 Bedroom ₱ 25,000,000 100 sqm
3 Bedroom ₱ 24,000,000 120 sqm

One Legaspi Park - Payment Option

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